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Hello! My name is Brennan. I am an audio engineer from Northwest Ohio. I started Rewire Media as an outlet to produce and creatively market music.

Homemade Sub Kick Microphone

There is a lot of information on the Internet describing how to make a DIY sub kick microphone. I thought I would give it a try and post some of the details.

I used an 8 inch speaker that belonged to an old stereo. It was framed in a wooden box, which eliminated the need to conceive a plan to mount it. I cut off and stripped the male end of an inexpensive XLR cable and soldered it to the speaker terminals.

Here’s what it sounds like.


The 1st kick hit in the sound sample is just the Shure Beta 52. The 2nd hit is the homemade sub mic only. The 3rd hit is the two signals blended together. You’ll need a decent set of speakers to hear the difference of frequencies adequately. 

If you’re feeling ambitious about making a more elaborate version, check out these directions.—How-to-make-a-microphone-from-a-speaker/

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